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Comar Healthcare Services Division (HCS)

Comar's Healthcare Services (HCS) Division provides education, training, technical support and consulting services to healthcare facilities, healthcare systems, federal agencies and private sector workplaces. We provide a broad base of support to healthcare facilities by conducting facility specific research and analysis studies of health planning approaches, methodologies, policies and standards. We also assists public, private and federal workplaces in developing and maintaining the programs required for health and safety compliance with federal, state and local requirements.  

Comar provides policy assistance to rehabilitation and nursing centers to develop healthcare policies and programs and promotes the basic healthcare system goals of improving access to quality healthcare.  In providing quality educational services, Comar seeks to develop and implement programs to serve a broad public interest. 

Over the years, the staff and associates of Comar have provided training and program development to thousands of Federal and municipal government workers, as well as private sector personnel, on topics that affect the occupational health of the workforce and the public. 
Healthcare Facility fire and life safety inspections, to ensure compliance with federal, state and local fire and life safety codes.

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities preparation for JACHO inspections and regulatory 
compliance evaluations.

Patient Records Management for healthcare organizations and medical practices, in compliance with the new Healthcare Finances Administration (HCFA) guidelines.

Healthcare Staff Awareness Training in Violence and Stress Management  to assist employees and staff to manage difficult and stressful situations related to patients, coworkers and guests in healthcare settings.

Ergonomics and Back Care for nursing and other hospital staff who must lift or manually move patients and other heavy objects, designed specifically for the healthcare environment.

Hospital Environmental Safety Program Management for compliance with EPA state and federal regulations for accumulation and disposal of biohazardous waste.


All consultant services, including counseling, inspections, workshops and seminar are tailored to the specific needs of the target audience of your company, agency or healthcare facility.