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    Comar Associates, Inc.
    We are a cybersecurity, safety and environmental health consulting firm helping our clients companies to
    meet their needs through vision and imagination.
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Comar. Safety through vigilance.

Comar is an information technology and safety & environmental health consulting firm based in the Washington, DC area. We provide the US Federal and local government and commercial companies with professional management services, including IT solutions, customized workplace safety training programs and project management.

Our professional services can help meet your business needs and goals. Contact us today!

Our consultant services, including counseling, inspections, workshops and seminar are tailored to the specific needs of the target audience of your company, agency or healthcare facility.

Providing safety/environmental health, cyber & training services since 1986.

Our innovated approaches help our client to achieve their goals.

Comar Services & News

Comar is an established WOSB, MOB and HUBZone consulting firm that provides safety/environmental health, cyber, and training services.

We provide professional services to federal, local and commercial clients.

  • Safety & Environmental Services (SES)
  • Healthcare Services (HCS) 
  • Cyber Services (CS) 
  • Training program development/management and environmental services
  • Health and safety professionals offer multi-disciplinary programs
  • Provides education, training, technical support and consulting services to healthcare facilities, healthcare systems, federal agencies and private sector workplaces.
  • Supports healthcare facilities by conducting facility specific research and analysis studies of health planning approaches, methodologies, policies and standards.
  • Strategy 
  • Our track record dated back to 1986 and include federal, state and local governments, non-profits and commercial clients.
Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott
COO & Director of Cyber Services


Trusted by our clients for over 30 years!


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